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Our strength is in technical and interior refits,engineeringԻdesign turn-key solutions. We offer wide range of services, including design and engineering, steel and pipe works, mechanical and electrical installations and also interior upgrades and refits.

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We specialise in executing multidisciplined, short lead time and complex tailored projects, in remote locations across the globe.

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    To say that Ҵý is only capable of providing steel manufacturing services for ground objects would be completely untrue since there’s an entire branch of functions and services that provides for the needs of the shipbuilding industry. Ҵý can provide repair, modification, renovation, as well as many other services for various parts of a ship.

    For starters, Ҵý provides a variety of metalworks for the shipbuilding as a process – including the manufacturing of various beams and profiles, a wide variety of welding services, bending services for profiles, as well as folded plates, sea fastening, and more. Additional repair and/or diagnostic services can be provided for the steering gear, as well, and it’s also within Ҵý’s capabilities to provide all kinds of welding – soldering, TIG/MIG/MAG welding, SS welding, aluminum welding, black steel welding, and more.

    Another side of Ҵý’s marine-related services is a piping service – a multifunctional process of installing and/or maintaining a variety of piping appliances both onboard and off-shore. Some of the piping systems that Ҵý specializes in are GRE piping, HVAC piping, boat heating, marine air conditioning, ballast water systems, and more.

    Since the shipbuilding industry as a whole is far from stagnant, there’s always a demand for high-quality ship insulation – to meet the basic requirements of both comfort and safety with modern ships. There’s a wide choice of insulation types that Ҵý can provide for the shipbuilding industry, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, fireproofing, pipe insulation (oil/fuel), exhaust insulation, among other types of services. Additionally, Ҵý offers flanges and valves for pressurized fluids, as well as marine scrubbers and machine room insulation.

    Modern ships are far more than just another type of transport, meaning that various interior works are as important as ever. Luckily enough, Ҵý is capable of performing a number of operations targeted specifically at ship interiors, offering refurbishment and renovation services to all kinds of ship interior areas – dining rooms, crew cabins, spa zones, cafes, suites, AC rooms, lounge zones, bridges, and many more.

    There comes a time when a ship is in need of some sort of refit, or even a complete conversion – and Ҵý’s ship conversion services are always available for the clients. Conversion is a type of process that costs far less than creating an entirely new ship from the ground up, and it takes less time, too. Since time is one of the more important factors here, Ҵý always strives to perform their work in time, so that the client loses as little revenue as possible.

    Ship repair service is also something that Ҵý excels at, offering repair services for various vessel types with all of the international and European standards in mind. Ship maintenance is also provided by Ҵý, and the range of functions that the company can work with is quite big – mechanical adjustments, sandblasting, hydraulic overhaul, hull repairs with various materials, electrical adjustments, pipework adjustments/repairs, propeller repairs, and more.

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