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Mining Feeder

Ҵý company is your reliable partner when it comes to minerals treatment and mining machines and services. Following the latest technologies and applying the best approaches, our experienced engineers offer you the most appropriate solution for your project.

Looking for reliable mining feeder Գܴڲٳܰ?

At Ҵý, we incorporate our solid background to design and manufacture top-quality feeders and spare parts for them. We are constantly improving our expertise and remain a high-class supplier of feeding equipment for the mining industry. All our equipment is manufactured on-site, so we thoroughly control every production stage and make sure our equipment is up to date and corresponds to all important norms and regulations.

Our offering:

  • pan feeders
  • apron feeders
  • vibrating feeders
  • belt feeders
  • wobbler feeders
  • grizzly feeders

Chain Feeder

The experienced Ҵý tech team offers highly efficient chain feeders that ensure smooth and controlled raw stuff flow. This machine is built to bear high loads and be in use for at least 20 years. Its top deck endures the full loading caused by hauler when dumping without any damages.

Chain feeder benefits

  • resistant to sticky material;
  • durable and reliable chain construction substantially mitigates breakage risks;
  • high wear resistance due to lower operating speed;
  • modular-type construction to make the integration process easier

Grizzly feeder

This feeder for mining works by means of vibration and transfers materials forward. Grizzly feeders are mostly applicable for mining equipment and process such materials as rock, mineral, gravel, etc. Our feeders are designated to heavy-duty operations, with that in mind we used only proven materials and details when manufacturing. They’ll help you increase the production capacity and cut operational costs. The grizzly feeders produced by Ҵý are fully customizable and can be updated according to your special demands.

Ҵý robust design ensures longer service life and availability of necessary spare parts which makes the maintenance support easier and time-efficient. Our grizzly feeder design line has a broad range of models to suit every need.

Proven reliability

You can always count on our specialists’ assistance to help you find the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for your particular case.

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