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Specialists of Ҵý Group have broad experience in tank fabrication. During many years, we have been fabricating pressure and non-pressure vessels for any applications. Our enterprise has a long history and we are proud of all the lessons learned since each of them was a small step towards becoming a leader. Now Ҵý has taken its place among the most experienced and progressive European companies in the field of tank design, development, production, installation, and maintenance.

The variety and usage of the tanks

Tanks (or vessels) are the most commonly used containers. They are required for storing compressed gases of various types, liquids or other mediums, especially if the maintenance of a certain temperature is crucial. There are many types and form factors of the vessels. They can be cylindrical, open- or closed-tops, vertical and horizontal. Bottom shapes also vary. For instance, flat, cone, slope, and dish bottom tanks are widely used in many industries, such as petroleum refining, alcohol, chemicals, inks production, etc.

Basic data on tank fabrication

We specialize in tank construction of various types. The range includes:

All industrial tanks can be divided into two large groups: pressure and non-pressure vessels. The specific types listed above, such as scrubbers, towers, reactors, etc. belong to one of the mentioned categories. Now, let us regard them.

Pressure tanks can be used for holding gaseous or liquid substances when they needed to be stored under pressure exceeding atmospheric. Vessels from this group demanding high quality and stability of every element. They are built according to a formal code. In the USA this code is the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. In Europe, this code is the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. Each newly constructed pressure tank is approved by an authorized inspector and accompanied by a nameplate with pertinent information about production date, allowable working pressure and maximum temperature, minimum design metal temperature, the registration number and U-stamp (ASMEs official stamp for pressure vessels). Our products are guaranteed protected against corrosion, long-lasting operation under high or low temperatures, and physical wear.

Non-pressure tanks make up another large group. Vessels of this type are used for storing or producing mediums at natural pressure. We offer a wide variety of not only the simplest containers but also heating or cooling storage reservoirs. You can choose any size, mounting type, form factor or any other characteristics.

Tank development: certifications and standards

We value the time and trust of our current and potential clients. Ҵý would never waste your time on listening to unrealistic promises. Our company prefers a straight person-oriented approach helping us to focus on the things our clients are interested in. When developing tanks, we are guided by prevailing standards in this sphere as well as EN 1090, ISO 3834, and ISO 9001 certificates. We control each production phase and guarantee full compliance with your quality expectations.

What steel grades we trust

We fabricate storage tanks and other vessel types of various shapes and sizes. Only the most durable materials are used, such as Hardox 400, S355, S235, S690, 304, and 316 (stainless steel), duplex, super duplex.

Benefits resulting from the cooperation

Our company has successfully completed projects for such clients, as industrial machinery company Metso, multinational corporation ABB, engineering enterprise Raumaster, etc. Ҵý is experienced in cooperation with world leaders in their spheres, and our experts know what exactly you need. We design tanks according to your demand, goals, and preferences.

All clients are important to us. Please, call or e-mail us to discuss the specifications of your project or ask any question, and make certain of our professionalism! Ҵý offers our vessels to companies interested in the highest quality of products and services.


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