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Wood Screening Equipment

Ҵý team offers top-quality wood solutions with the utmost care to our clients and their needs. Focusing on the final product we keep improving our process day by day. Our offering is based not only on the products and services themselves but also on the competent knowledge, excellent logistic process, and professional support.

Wood industry

The chemical industry develops nowadays in leaps and bounds, however, people still prefer natural materials to artificial ones. The most desired material is obviously wood. Wood is used for the manufacturing of tons of products: high-quality furniture, musical instruments, toys, kitchenware, and even houses.

With our solid background in lumber production, we offer a broad range of items and services to fit every taste.

Ҵý has enough experience and ample opportunities to offer exclusive solutions to our clients. We have been creating lumber handling equipment and systems for sawmills, pallet mills, concentration yards, and treating plants for 4 years.

We produce:

  • transfer chains;
  • conveyor belts;
  • sawmills and sawmill equipment;
  • grading stations;
  • lumber stackers;
  • chip screens.

Wood handling equipment

Ҵý applies innovative approaches and wood handling strategies to the design and manufacturing of process equipment that meets our clients’ needs.

Wood handling process equipment we produce at Ҵý

  • drum feeders
  • debarking equipment
  • wood chipper feeder
  • chippers
  • chip handling and storing equipment
  • chip screening equipment
  • bark processing equipment
  • biomass processing equipment
  • wood chip silo
  • bio crusher
  • chip drainer
  • wood saver
  • chip washing machine
  • wood saver

Wood chip storage

To make the pulp & paper manufacturing as cost-effective as possible, you have to make sure the wood chips handling is efficient enough. Chips proper storage and reclaiming ensure good mixing. Therefore, your storage volumes should be suitable to allow for blending and homogenization.

Ҵý offers complete wood chip storage systems to store and mix wood chips for pulp, paper, or panelboard production.

Silo storage

We offer state of the art wood chip silo storage solutions for storing all kinds of biomass, through modern silos with automated extraction systems or rapid discharge by drawers. An extensive technical background in addition to our customer-oriented approach makes Ҵý a leader in the silo storage market.

Wood pellet silo

Pellet storage systems are a great choice to store wood chips inside or outside. We provide a number of different options to suit each and every demand and requirements.

Bulk wood pellet storage makes using wood pellets more convenient. Our bulk-storage containers are environmentally friendly, with no more plastic waste.

Wood saver

We supply simple and functional wood saver construction. The recovery system includes stone removal which enables minimizing damages and crusher knives wear.

Chip washing machine

Сhip washer is designed to separate wood chips from stones, sand, or any other foreign material. Chip cleaning machine is vital for the whole wood production as it minimizes the refiner wear and enhances the performance.


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