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Heat Exchangers

Over the years of successful operation on the market, Ҵý has fabricated dozens of industrial heat exchangers. They have been used by many companies in Europe and other parts of the world. We specialize in custom fabrication of industrial products according to the specifications of each project and a client’s requirements. Every heat exchanger manufactured by our company corresponds to all current codes and standards, such as ASME and TEMA. If you need the highest heat exchanger efficiency, our company is glad to introduce our products.

What types of heat exchangers we fabricate:

  • shell;
  • regenerative;
  • tube;
  • spiral;
  • plate;
  • double pipe heat exchangers;
  • air to air heat exchangers;
  • boilers;
  • evaporators;
  • condensers.

Besides, we fabricate the fullest selection of related components: all types of heat exchanger fan, tube, header, transfer line exchanger, cooling system, etc.

Our company produces any type of heat exchanger and a water heater for various applications. Products fabricated by Ҵý are used in the operation of numerous machines and installations, for example, oil rigs, power generators, vehicles, and so on.

Custom heat exchanger design

We have a strong team of qualified and experienced specialists who are ready to implement your project. Our company has made a good name in custom heat exchanger design. The entire fabrication process from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ is carried out by our experts within the shortest time needed for any stage, such as thermal analysis, making detailed 2D or 3D CAD drawings. Let us design a stainless steel heat exchanger taking into account your demands and requirements.

Why Ҵý is a good choice

As a reliable heat exchanger manufacturer with a long history, we are working to enhance our performance. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, we have created a never-failing quality control system, constantly develop our production facilities, and implement flexible solutions.

There are a lot of manufacturers, but not all of them are number one. Ҵý is your trusted partner with a good reputation willing to help your company grow and increase its efficiency. For these purposes, we offer the best industrial products. If you need a gas furnace heat exchanger or a brazed plate heat exchanger, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experts will assist you to make the right choice.

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