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Rock Сrusher

Ҵý is proud to present a full rock crusher line with unique options and solutions. Knowing that every grinding process is one-of-a-kind, we always make sure our machines are custom made and meet all demands of every client. We understand that being a leader requires dedication to what you do, and at Ҵý we live and breathe mining.

Rock crusher machines

Ҵý has a broad range of crusher equipment including units that turn larger rocks into gravel or up to salt or powder sizing. We offer several options for every need.

Our experienced engineering team designed and developed a rock crushing machine line designated to medium as well as large-sized applications. Mostly our machines fit for heavy-duty work but we always think about our customers who need our equipment in terms of commercial use.

Cone-type crusher

We offer cone-type crushers that use compression and crush materials by squeezing. Cone-type crushing machine is to be fed with abrasive as well as hard raw stuff. Processed rocks come out in the form of a cube, the reduction ratio is approx. 6:1 – 4:1.


This machine type is often used for primary grinding. They are applicable to make large, hard rocks the more relevant pieces. This crusher model is known to be extra durable.

Gyratory-type crusher

Gyratory-type crushers process rocks via eccentric compression. Just like jaw-breaker, this machine is also used in the primary treatment phase, still, there are cases when it can be used for secondary processing as well.

Impact crusher

The most well-known field of utilization for impact-type crushers is limestone grinding as they’re not so good at abrasive rocks crushing. Such equipment is usually less expensive in comparison to compression ones and ensures a higher reduction range. However, this machine has weak sides as well — it might require some parts renewal more often and produce a lot of dust when working, which can become a big issue for some facilities.

Mining crusher

Ҵý has many years of experience in mine crusher manufacturing. Such machines are highly requested due to ensuring mobility, higher performance as well as durability. For machine production, we use only high-quality details and materials to make sure their operating life is maximum long. This means you have an opportunity to cut maintenance expenses.

Our flexible solutions let you run rock processing operations on or under the ground where there is no room for stationary systems. Ҵý mobile options for grinding are very beneficial for ore, coal, and gold mining industries.

Rock crushing equipment

Our rock crushing machine offers two crushing methods: 

  • compression method – rocks are ground being squeezed under pressure; 
  • impact method – the rocks are being thrown at stationary curtains at the highest speed.

On request, we can equip machines with a withdrawable chassis to provide higher mobility.

When choosing crusher equipment, you need to remember that your decision depends on many factors:

  • type of raw stuff you would like to process;
  • size of material;
  • required operating capacity;
  • the abrasive level of materials;
  • end product desirable sizing.

Mining rock crusher

With our innovative approach in design, most crusher models can be operated by one person. We know that sometimes it is very uncomfortable in terms of free space to have different options for every operation, therefore we offer you to use Ҵý crushers for both rocks grinding as well as waste reprocessing. Ҵý crushers are suitable for multiple materials processing: natural rocks, coal, construction and demolition wastes, glass, etc.

Portable and stationary crushing plants

Ҵý offers solutions for any project, whether you need a portable or a stationary grinding plant. We are focusing on innovations and constantly invest in new research to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

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