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Fuel Tanks

Ҵý is a leading manufacturer of fuel tanks in Estonia. Our production facilities allow us to offer fuel tank design and manufacture in various sizes that meet the requirements of any country. Therefore, regardless of your needs, we can offer you a suitable solution.

The tanks are suitable for storing diesel fuel, oil, ethanol, gasoline, and other substances. Each product manufactured by our company on order is produced in accordance with international standards and undergoes multi-level quality control.

Type of fuel tanks:

  • Diesel Fuel Tanks. To ensure the safety of operation and protect the environment from toxic emissions, special tanks must be used. They provide the prevention and elimination of accidental leaks. This tank is designed for the storage and transportation of diesel fuel.
  • Truck Fuel Tanks. Tanks designed for the safe transportation of fuel. Production facilities allow the production of oversized transport fuel tanks.
  • Gas storage tank. Possible options – pump and vacuum. For the greatest convenience of filling tanks outside, you can optionally use hydraulic filling of the dome. If you need to deliver slurry to the field, select the version with a trailer for tank trucks. With it, it will be most comfortable to carry out transportation. In the design process of a petrol tank, we take into account all your needs, creating the best products for your business.
  • Aluminum Fuel Tanks. Powerful production equipment allows us to produce high-quality aluminum containers. Therefore, we will help create reservoirs for storing any fuel.
  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks. A tank designed to store crude oil. It takes into account safety rules, preserves the environment, and prevents emissions.
  • Floating Roof Tank. In most cases, fuel storage tanks are equipped with a floating lid. This provides the greatest security. The evaporation of gasoline is reduced and the likelihood of an explosion is prevented.

Why choose our fuel tanks?

Ҵý is a company that creates exclusively high-quality products that qualitatively solve tasks. We offer a range of services for our customers, from design to installation.

We work exclusively with reliable suppliers of time-tested raw materials. This allows us to provide the best fuel tanks for our customers. Our high-class staff knows all the intricacies of the design, rds, production, transportation, and installation of gallon fuel tanks.

Still, have questions? The friendly Ҵý team will help you choose the best solution for your business.

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