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Industrial Shredder Machine

Industrial shredder machine are an excellent solution for processing companies who want to process large quantities of recyclable materials.

The task of such equipment is to reduce recyclables to small sizes. We offer shredders that cope with the difficult processing tasks with a constant particle size of 15 to 100 mm in one pass. The principle of operation is based on a cutting mechanism that rotates in opposite directions of grinding rollers or knife shafts.

Typical applications of the recycling shredders:

  • Bottle and can recycling
  • Cement kiln waste recycling
  • E-waste recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Organics recycling
  • Old paint recycling
  • Plastics recycling
  • Textile recycling
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Medical waste
  • High-quality recycling for paper, plastic, glass

High-quality recycling for paper, plastic, glass

Ҵý Group is engaged in the production of industrial-type grinders. We produce high-quality equipment that can chop even solid household waste, paper, tires, plastic, metal, medical shredders.

Our equipment passed multilevel tests and proved to be a highly efficient grinding system. Rugged construction ensures durability and long service life. Therefore, these grinders can be used continuously and get impressive results.

Hazardous and medical waste

Disposal and management of medical waste is a responsible process that requires special knowledge and reliable equipment. Our advanced systems ensure safety and meet all the requirements for proper disposal. Be sure, purchasing a glass crusher or any other from us, you will receive high quality and reliability. Our equipment handles the processing of hazardous and medical waste, bio-waste that is harmful to live organisms and nature.

Plastics and Textiles

We produce waste shredder plastic that meets any of your requirements. This allows you to supply equipment that takes into account even the most specific requirements. Therefore, our industrial metal shredder processes a wide range of plastics and textiles.

Industrial paper shredder machine and Mill Waste

Our equipment allows us to reduce paper and wood waste to the smallest possible size. After processing, raw materials can be reused for the production of new products. Do you need to recycle books or napkins? No problem. Our aluminum shredder is capable of grinding a wide variety of paper waste.

Metal Waste

Our equipment grinds various types of metals. With it, you can recycle technology, electronics, ferrous metals, and much more. Depending on the needs, our experts will help you to choose the best equipment configurations, which will ensure high performance.

Tire recycling shredder

We produce modern industrial plastic shredder tires. They allow high-quality processing of materials for future use. Using them you will get rubber, steel, and fibers, which significantly reduce energy costs for the production of new products.

Individual approach to each client

Ҵý Group produces a wide range of grinding equipment. A variety of cutting unit configurations are possible, which can satisfy almost any need.

At your request, we can offer individual grinding systems and equipment modification with additional functions. By purchasing shredders from us you get high-quality service. Our experts will help you to choose the chopper that best suits your needs. Please contact our specialists if you have not found the necessary information.


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