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Pressurized tanks

Ҵý Group specializes in custom fabrication of different pressure tanks and vessels for oil, gas and hot water.

Water pressure tank device and principle of operation

Pressure tanks are special containers designed to stabilize and store liquids under pressure. Very often used for substances such as  LNG (liquefied natural gas), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as well as liquid nitrogen. The product allows you to avoid accidents, preserves substances in optimal conditions, which makes them safe for people and the environment.

Type of pressure water tank

Today there are many options for pressure tanks on the market. There are the most popular and time-proven species, namely: galvanized steel tank and galvanized steel tank with a floating plate.

A variety of pressure tanks for wells with valve significantly expands their functions and makes it possible to choose the best option for the system with any design and operational features. We bring to the attention of consumers productive, practical, high-quality models of well pressure tank sizes for every taste.

They are the most common variety. Participate in various industrial processes. There are different sizes, shapes, materials. Specifications may vary depending on needs. As a rule, they are used for storing liquids, and the most popular material from which the products are made in carbon steel. In most products, the inside and outside are made from other raw materials. It allows you to safely store content in a container.

The next most popular is a heat exchanger. It is used in many industries. Heat plays a key role in most enterprises, but it can harm the process. Therefore, it is important that the product is made of the right materials. This will ensure an optimal microclimate throughout the entire time. Most often water pressure tank psi is made from harder metal that alloys to ensure durability and proper functioning

  • Technological vessels

An air pressure tank with a pump is used to perform various technological processes. It combines, removes substances, and carries out other stages of production. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they are made of specific materials that take into account the characteristics of operation.

Product Scope

A high-pressure tank has a wide scope. They are used in various industries for the safe storage and transportation of liquids, compressed and liquefied gases, and bulk solids. Depending on the industry, purpose, nature of the substances, the properties, and material of the tank are determined.

The products manufactured by our company help the industrial sector to cope with the tasks set efficiently, to protect against the occurrence of accidents. The assortment contains many varieties, so you can choose a product regardless of needs.

Each product undergoes rigorous quality control and is tested for strength installation. This allows you to provide the best performance, durability of tanks. A full-service cycle makes us the best partner for cooperation. We design, manufacture, and install our gallons products.

We have passed certification, so all our tanks meet the following standards: EN 1090, ISO 9001, ISO 3834.

The company’s production facilities make it possible to create water pressure tanks of various shapes and sizes. Among the possible materials may be: S235, S690, S355, Hardox 400, stainless steel grades 304 and 316, super duplex and duplex.

Why choose us

We provide high quality. We use materials from trusted suppliers for the manufacture, professional specialists work for us, and the equipment meets modern requirements. Cooperating with us, be sure of the reliability and durability of structures.


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