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Pulp Drying Technology

At Ҵý, we offer our best solutions for a productive and cost-saving drying process. Our know-how offer allows producing different pulp grades ending with such products as dissolution, fluff, and market pulp. A variety of handy and innovative solutions for operators provides the highest durability, efficiency, and safety in the pulp drying area. 

Pulp drying machines

With our pulp drying solutions, we help you to cut steam and energy use. The pulp drying machines are equipped with an automatic tail threading sector and have upgraded cleaning tools. At the same time, they remain compact and very productive.

Drying technology

How does actually the pulp sheet drying technology works? The whole system is very simple, yet very efficient and reliable. Drying air enters the dryer bottom and continuously re-circulates and heats up before it gets into the heat recovery sector. Heat in the humid exhaust air is mainly used to heat additional air delivered to the dryer. Due to such solid design, the expenses for maintenance are lower as only a few parts are movable.

Pulp dewatering equipment

Ҵý offers 4 dewatering machines types for excellent performance:

  • Pulp screw press: high throughput, effective dewatering, easy to manage, easy to maintain, fits to work with a wide range of pulp types;

The pulp screw press is the next level machine with higher efficiency. Its controlling system and a strong engine ensure the operation is safe and consistent.

  • Twin-wire press: wide range of applications, lower energy use, high filtrate quality, extremely reliable;
  • Vertical screw thickener: efficient dewatering, self-filling by means of gravity, even discharging without fluctuations, no leakage, maintenance-friendly;

The vertical design means the dewatering process will be followed by gravity. Thus, the output is much higher in this way. Such design will be especially applicable for small workspaces as its vertical positioning makes it very compact.

  • Thune screw press: perfect dewatering performance, high discharge stability, also works as a washer in mechanical and pulping processes;

The screw presses for pulp dewatering are usually installed for stock dewatering, washing, and water circuit separation. The press structure provides high and equal discharge consistency. 


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