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Biomass Dryer

Ҵý specializes in commercial wood chip dryers designing and supplying. Our services are suitable for the agricultural sector as well as an industrial one. With solid expertise in belt and drum dryers, we always offer the most advantageous solutions to our clients.

Industrial wood dryers

Being flexible and customizable, our dryers can be used for almost everything: wood chips, grass, sludge, straw, etc. Our technical process was refined through the years, and now we can definitely guarantee that you’ll receive a high-quality and efficient wood dryer machine to enhance your productivity.

Biomass dryer application

Our drying system applies to wood chips and forestry wastes, agrifood wastes, and other components. Required drying level can be chosen additionally and depends on material sizing and water content.

Flash dryer

Flash dryers became widespread in a number of industries: chemical, mineral, agricultural. Ҵý dryers process components of different sizings and textures like granules, flakes, powder, gel, and paste.

Ҵý dryer is equipped with two fans – for air intake and for the exhaust air. In such a way we ensure atmospheric pressure inside the unit and no compression for items feeding into the dryer.

Rotary dryer for wood chips

Ҵý wood chip dryer is highly versatile and applies to a great variety of elements. Rotary dryer is applicable to such industries as chemical, mineral, building, and metallurgy. The wood dryer machine is fitted with a scattering unit to make sure all the chips are drying equally.

If you are in need of a drying system to speed up the whole production process while scaling the capacity, you are in the right place.

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