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Conveyor System

Ҵý produces and integrates industrial conveyor systems, heavy-duty conveyors, distribution systems, palletizing, and packaging.

Our skilled team of tech specialists provides general checkups, systems audits, spare parts changeover, motors monitoring, etc. Ҵý always has a suitable solution, when it comes to meeting client’s needs.

Custom conveyors

With years-long experience in conveying systems as well as engineering, we’ve got a lot of achievements cooperating with various industries. We know how to modify standard machines or develop custom systems – from a rough idea to installation.

A go-to option for objects handling within your facilities is an automated conveyor system. Such systems mitigate the majority of risks connected with the working process and human factor and also cuts expenses on hiring. Automated systems are designed for transporting massive and heavy stuff. A conveyor may be equipped with rollers, wheels, chains, or a belt to handle objects.

The design also often depends on operating and efficiency. Thus, being integrated into a line, a system must be capable of placing a product for the operator’s interference or put items so that they can be processed then by another automatic section such as scanning, labeling, robots, packaging, etc.

Which materials do we apply when manufacturing?

Conveyors must be wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and durable because the volume of works is significant sometimes. Items carrying along the line might be too heavy, warped, or even sharp. We usually use UHMW, polyurethane, and nylon when producing lines. 

Benefits of using conveying systems

  • Be sure all objects are transported carefully through elevated conveyors.
  • They are usually easy to install and surely bring value to a business making your working place safer due to failsafe operations, processes automation, environmental protection.
  • Conveyors’ capacity ensures handling lots of pieces with different parameters.
  • Our conveyors are designed to be extremely safe minimizing any accidents or injuries number.
  • A number of offered systems types: totally automated, mechanical, or hydraulic – to keep up with your special needs and demands.

Conveying system options

Though almost every project differs from a standard scheme, we are ready to take a risk and develop the machine of your dream. Strictly following our client’s specifications we develop and deliver highly efficient industrial conveyors throughout each project. Listening to our clients is the key to success and fruitful cooperation. 

No matter what kind of product needs to be handled and what industry you are in, we have definitely dealt with this before. With our solid experience in conveyors supplying, we’ll ensure the high-quality work is done. Our offering ranges from simple rolling conveyor systems up to long complex belt conveyor systems and conveyors with robot sections.

Looking for a qualified manufacturer of industrial conveyor systems?

If you are thinking of installing a conveyor system, for commercial or industrial use, Ҵý’s specialists can help you to make the right choice and offer you the best pricing.

Contact us right now to get high-quality consulting on your specific project.


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