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Gravity Roller Conveyor

Ҵý supplies pre-assembled rolling conveyors manufactured using high-quality materials. Manufactured by our tech team roller conveyors are designated for high-load capacity and may be applied in various production, warehouse, and distribution lines.

Gravity roller conveyor

Ҵý team produces five diverse models with its capacity of 95-3,000 pounds per roller. Gravity roller conveyor helps with performance improvement and increases output. Gravity conveyor requires minimal investment while enabling you to boost up capacity.

Roller conveyor table

The industrial roller table applies in sectors where created pressure and units need good support for handling activities. The inner part is wedge-shaped, and under high load, its supports stretch to prevent items sliding out. Such a design makes it perfect for bandsaws, planning machines, table saws, jointing machines, etc.

Line shaft conveyor

We produce lineshaft conveyors fitted with separate power-operated rollers. Ҵý’s lineshaft roller conveyor formation is a block system, so your current line modification is a piece of cake.

Pallet roller conveyor

Pallet conveyors adjust to any demand, thanks to the modular design, improving your current system takes much less time. Such conveying systems also fit for heavy-loaded pallets.


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