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Fabrication of air scrubbers is one of the key spheres of our company’s activity on the market. Ҵý Group is widely known to be one of the most experienced industrial manufacturers in Estonia. We produce various product types for use by small local and large international companies.

What air scrubber types we produce

An industrial air scrubber is a system applied to clean gases from harmful materials. This is an essential step for protecting the environment from negative effects. There are two large groups: dry and wet scrubbers. All of them are fabricated by Ҵý and have proven their efficiency multiple times.

Dry systems are the most commonly used type. They are presented in most modern plants. These scrubbers utilize dry reagents to remove a wide variety of acidic gases which cause acid rains to a considerable degree. Depending on the dry substances, they neutralize pollutants through chemical reactions. Such scrubbers are efficient mostly to clean combustion sources. Toxic substances are removed in three steps: gas needs to be cooled, then reagents are injected, and it comes to the final step, namely, filtering.

A wet system is the other type of scrubbers. It is constructed to funnel gases through a specific area and saturate mediums with wet agents. Using water in this way helps to remove pollutants and toxic dust. Besides, adding other substances is optional to purify exhaust gases from acidic contaminants. When this process takes place, the exhaust is characterized by a large amount of vapour causing white smoke. But this method of gas cleaning has a disadvantage: sprayed water makes the waste much harder and causes difficulties to store and dispose of the pollutants. That is why dry scrubbing is preferable.

Our scrubbers are applied worldwide. They are used in many industries, such as mining, agriculture, and production sector, etc. We guarantee the absolute quality of all the products and the services provided.

We offer durable gas cleaning systems of all types and categories for any application:

  • carbon air scrubbers;
  • spray towers;
  • marine scrubbers;
  • cyclone spray chambers;
  • venturi scrubbers;
  • fume scrubbers, etc.

Since Ҵý not only produces typical models, but also deals with designing products according to the requirements of your business and project, our experts are ready to develop and fabricate custom scrubbers of any type, size, form factor, and orientation: horizontal, co-current or vertical.

Our production process fully corresponds to all the requirements of EN 1090, ISO 9001, and ISO 3834. We use the best materials from reliable suppliers. Our scrubbers are produced using the following metal grades: Hardox 400, S690, S355, S235, Duplex, Super Duplex, stainless steel 304, and 316.

Benefits of cooperating with us and using our scrubbers

Ҵý is a solid partner for many industrial enterprises from all over the world. We have never divided our clients into major and minor ones. All of them are equally important to us regardless of any factor. You can be sure that your single scrubber or any products ordered will be manufactured taking into account your requirements, and the quality always remains at the highest level.

Our representatives are ready to consult you on any issue. Please, do not hesitate to get in contact with us, if you have something to ask about. We will be glad to see you among our regular clients!


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