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Materials handling at Ҵý – this is all about designing, engineering, and a complete system production for storage units. Whether you are in need of a particular machine or production line, Ҵý has been offering highly effective approaches for coal and mining industries for several years. 

Reclaimer machine

Ҵý manufactures and supplies bucket wheel, scraper, and drum reclaimers. Our expertise covers indoor as well as outdoor processes as a result, the produced machines can fit the client’s facilities and store yard design.

Bucket-wheel reclaimer

Bridge-type reclaimer blends piled raw stuff from blending yards. Bucket-wheel wagon is being shifted by vertical rollers. Lower bridge chord horizontal rollers move the wagon from side to side. In accordance with cutting depth, you can choose the right speed for the wagon. In this way, you can reach the most appropriate working conditions a particular reclaimer.

There is also a possibility to customize reclaimers according to your needs: ranging from bucket-wheel wagons quantity up to their installation manner. Ҵý reclaiming machines can be produced for manual and automatic disposal.

Ҵý reclaimers in numbers:

  • Reclaiming capacity: 300-12,000t/h
  • Track gauge length: 30-60m

Our custom-made machines always meet clients’ demands and mix different solutions according to the application field.

Scraper reclaimer

Scraper reclaimers are produced to stack and reclaim materials highly efficient and reliable.  Reclaiming machines are fitted with trippers which makes it available for materials to go through machine straight from loading-out and up to loading.

Radial scraper reclaimers are mostly used for smaller places. Bridge type scraper reclaimers are perfect for material homogenization and mostly equipped with covered storage which helps to keep all materials nice and dry. Linear scraper reclaimers are moving along the horizontal way to stack and reclaim stock heap. Stacker reclaimer is intended for lumpy material stocking and reclaiming.

Reclaimers’ features briefly:

  • Single-, twin- or double-boom units;
  • Serves parallel muck piles from booms placed on machine’s both sides;
  • Trippers ensure the objects are passing through the unit straight from unloading and up to the loading
  • Back stacking capacity up to 4,000 t/h
  • Computer-based controls


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