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Industrial wood shredder

Ҵý’s industrial wood chippers feature a powerful solution for mixed wood or bulky items processing. Scale-up production capacity and efficiency with our machines.

The bark crusher is designated to shred bark into perfectly sized chips, ready for further applications. The Industrial wood shredders ideally incorporate high productivity, top shredding capabilities, and compact design. Ҵý’s bark crusher features simple yet efficient construction, its rotor knives are protected to prevent any damage caused by occasional metal parts or stones. The processed wood can be transported by both conveyor or suction systems.

This type of machine does not require the operator’s presence and should be installed under cover to protect it from the weather environment.

There are several chipping process options


In other words, this is cutting. Shearing efficiency depends on the knives’ sharpness, just like with scissors. At Ҵý, we offer a special technology that helps maintain sharpness through a long operation.


Purpose-made tearing machines are mostly used for mixed wastes shredding where particles’ shape and sizing is of no importance.


Fracturing fits for glass, plastics, and some metals, and in contrast to tearing, when something brittle fractures, it explodes releasing the energy.

What are the types of shredders?

Single-shaft shredder

The most commonly chosen option for clean wood, hard plastics, or paper shredding where the fraction sizing is important. Sticks to the unified size of the fraction.

Two-shaft shredder

This shredder type is recommended for different contaminated materials like metals, tires, soft plastics, etc. Fraction size varies.

Four-shaft shredder

Four-shaft shredder is commonly used in the alternative fuel production industry. Creates even, small to medium fractions.

All-purpose shredder

A multi-material shredder perfectly fits for the reduction of massive wastes that contain metals and abrasives. The fraction sizing is large.


Batch Feeding

This relates to throwing big amounts of material into the receiving funnel at one time. Using batch feeding can be tricky because wrong sized material may cause a clog.

Meter Feeding

Meter feeding is a smooth and operated stream moving towards the receiving funnel. A conveyor is usually used for such purposes. The shredder monitors the intake and works more productively.

Ҵý best engineers will work with your project requirements and demands to find the best solution and meet all your needs.

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