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Today, the environmental issue is more acute than ever. Therefore, people are more thoughtful about the consumption of goods. They sort the waste and put it in different rubbish containers. Demand creates supply and processing plants are gaining popularity and are making impressive profits from it. Processing allows to reduce the cost of goods and in fact, companies with their own facilities can not only spend money on recycling but also make money on it.

Recycling is a process that involves the collection of materials. Before getting into the waste processing equipment, recycling enterprises collect recycled materials. The collection is carried out from residential buildings, garbage containers, warehouses, commercial facilities, or recycling manufacturing companies. After the recyclables have been collected, they are sent for recycling.

Ҵý develops quality solutions for wastewater treatment plants, as well as waste recycling plants. Thanks to the vast experience and the availability of high-performance production facilities, we can offer the design and manufacture of entire processing plants. We create equipment that can utilize a wide variety of wastes, including PET bottles, plastic containers, cardboard boxes, solid waste, cable, aluminum scrap, bio-waste, and much more. We offer equipment for recycling various materials like:

  • Plastic recycling machine
  • Paper recycling machine
  • Glass recycling machine, etc.

Currently, waste management companies are working to increase the percentage of recyclable materials. Not everyone knows, but not all waste is recycled. This negatively affects the environment.

The increase in the amount of waste going to recycling allows you to save resources and take care of nature. Many do not think about the situation of plastic from the point of view that once it just ended. Therefore, it is important to discard it for future use. In addition, such an approach significantly reduces atmospheric emissions.

As a result, many things are made from recycled plastic. Furniture, clothes, various parts of goods are made from it. There are brands that focus on the fact that they care about nature, creating their products from recycled plastic. Thus, the benefits are visible on the face.

Why do you need special recycling equipment?

Depending on the type of recyclable material, the equipment necessary for its processing changes. It is also affected by the size of the secondary materials. Overall recyclable materials need preliminary grinding. There is a special waste recycling machine for this. The most popular are grinders and granulators. Grinding allows you to optimize the process, simplifies the storage of processed recyclables.

It allows you to reduce time costs and optimize the process. There are technologies that ensure accurate sorting of materials. Some materials need additional processing after sorting. After that, the baling machine compresses the raw materials into blocks or bales, which simplifies the transportation process. Recycled materials, in this form, are sent to factories for further use.

To create high-quality processing, it is necessary to use special equipment. Our company provides turnkey solutions for materials processing. We create innovative systems that optimize production and save you money. Here you will find a full range of equipment that you may need:

  • Bag openers. Innovative high-performance equipment designed to open and empty waste bags. Thanks to use, you will get 98% of the introduced bags without cutting, keeping the contents intact. It allows you to work with bags of various sizes, providing a continuous feed. The modular system makes it possible to adapt it to any production needs.
  • Recycling sorting machine / Separators. It allows you to separate some types of waste from others. They can filter, separate other parts from metal, trap liquids. There are many options. A disc screener is used specifically for sorting wood biomass, stones, and other heavy pollutants. Sorting equipment can be of various configurations and is designed for various types of raw materials.
  • Recycling Universal Shredder FRX / cross-flow shredder. Full recycling is not possible without them. Allow grinding recyclables. There are various configurations of this equipment, allowing you to work with a variety of materials.
  • Crushers. Responsible for grinding materials. They work with plastic, glass, etc. Thanks for use, the recycling process is optimized in general.
  • Baling presses. Equipment aimed at creating bales from recycled materials. Depending on the type of material, the characteristics of the equipment change. Baling presses significantly simplify the transportation and storage of raw materials.
  • Conveyor belts. A kind of equipment that no production can do without. Designed for transporting raw materials or finished products. We have a large number of ready-made solutions; we are also ready to offer individual design.
  • Reel splitters. It is a cutting machine that is used to cut cardboard, paper, aluminum, and plastic film.
  • Pulpers / vertical pulping. A system that reduces paper materials. This makes it possible to further reduce the size of the rubbish.
  • Granulators. Designed for grinding waste to small sizes, turns them into granules. This helps simplify storage and transportation.
  • Screw Press / Reject Compactor. Dehydrates and thickens sludge during wastewater treatment. Our company produces reliable equipment that ensures a high-quality technological process.
  • Trommel Screen. Drum pulping provides reliable waste distribution. Used for the separation of materials and is suitable for solid materials and minerals. This productive equipment will help to qualitatively separate waste.
  • Disc filter. A filter disc is used to remove insoluble particles, sediments, and various impurities from liquids. The design consists of disks made of high-strength materials that do not collapse under the influence of aggressive environments and are also resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Deashing machine / Rotowash machine. Equipment specifically designed to remove inorganic materials from a fiber suspension.
  • Rotary shears. Two-speed chopper with high torque and low RPM. It copes with shredding bulk and plastic waste. Such as household waste, tires, films, paper, etc. The equipment allows you to efficiently and thoroughly grind recyclables.
  • High-pressure blower. Machines that are widely used in waste processing. It allows you to move bulk materials, can be part of the drying unit of the washing line. For example, feed shredded plastic into a storage bin.
  • Waste Sieving Line. One of the most important elements if you want to organize a modern waste management system. The line allows transporting recyclables after each treatment cycle.
  • Cyclone Light Fiber Recycling. Allows providing economical air cleaning of light fractional fibers. The equipment cannot completely replace systems that guarantee cleaning that meets strict standards, but such recyclables are suitable for most secondary markets.
  • Dispersion machine. Equipment that is indispensable in production, where it is necessary to obtain emulsions of two immiscible liquids or dispersions of solids in liquids. These are high-performance installations, which under strong influence destroy the suspended particles, allowing them to achieve the desired result.
  • Paper refiner. Cleans paper fibers to ensure high quality recycled materials.
  • Reject Separator. Typically used for unloading fibers in the paper industry. The equipment makes it possible to obtain more fibers and achieve low cost of finished products.

How to create a budget for recycling waste?

Purchasing the right recycling equipment requires planning. First, you need to determine the type of recycling machines that are needed to organize the production process, then plan the budget for the purchase. You should consider installation, preventative maintenance, after-sales service, warranties here. Further options for the operation will depend on financial forecasts, cash flows, assets of the enterprise.

The most common question among entrepreneurs is which type of waste equipment is better and more profitable. One correct answer does not exist. The optimal equipment for each company will be different. This is due to the scope and type of waste. One thing is for sure, ordinary trash containers only exacerbate the situation. Do not dispose of garbage, it is better to recycle it.

Processing raw materials will help the environment. In addition, waste can be reused in most cases, which can give additional profit to your enterprise. Throwing away waste, you lose money. You do not just get nothing, you constantly pay for the services of other companies that export them.

Ҵý Group offers a large number of solutions that can correct the situation. Start making money by processing, using recyclables for your production, or selling it to other plants.

Why compression of the remaining waste is the best solution?

After sorting, it is necessary to assess the amount of waste, its type, the placement of the remaining waste. For optimal control, it is best to use a seal. External seals allow you to work with a wide range of waste, even with liquid.

Of course, you will need the starting equipment costs. However, the return on investment is very fast. You will save on transportation and increase productivity. As a result, the waste becomes more compact and takes up less space, the process eliminates odors and eliminates pests.

Depending on the type of waste, the seal is modified. Also, consider the space and amount of waste. We offer customers vertical and horizontal type seals. They allow you to work both on a small scale and in conditions of large production capacities. Advanced technologies, high-quality materials, and many years of experience allow us to create turnkey solutions that satisfy a wide variety of needs.

Do you need a consultation?

We manufacture reliable equipment. Our product range allows you to create turnkey recycling solutions, regardless of your needs. We provide high quality and safety. We are the market leader in Estonia and have established ourselves as a reliable partner at the global level. We have all the certificates that allow us to recycle equipment manufacturing that meets international standards.

Ҵý Group employs competent specialists who will help you to select the necessary garbage recycling machine, advise on financing options for the acquisition, draw up a preventative maintenance plan, and offer the best guarantee options.

If you did not find the suitable type of equipment for your needs, then contact the specialists of Ҵý. We will find the right solution for you.



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