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Wood Chipper Machine

Experience the utmost assistance in the wood and waste processing with Ҵý! Our customer care service covers everything from online tech support to delivery and on-site refurbishment.

Looking for reliable industrial wood chipper manufacturers?

Ҵý’s team of skilled designers, engineers, and manufacturers combine leading technologies with the utmost care and individual approach to each and every project. We build machines for our customers all around the world, serving woodworking, land clearing, recycling, and biomass markets.

Сommercial wood chipper application field

Wood chippers are mostly applied to turn wood into woodchips or wood shredding. This can refer to lumber recycling or might be a part of the fabrication process. Commercial chippers also find applications in the agricultural sector.

Our commercial chippers are constructed especially for clients’ needs to ensure a completely customized solution for every application. With our equipment, we provide maximum efficiency to our clients who deal with tree trunks and branches every day.

Ҵý’s machines are designed to be effective and reliable equipment to meet all your needs. When it comes to design and manufacturing itself, we are the most rigorous engineers. We manufacture industrial chipper – high-capacity machines designated to chip trees, coupe, and stubs.

Industrial wood chipper machine types

The range of offered industrial chipper machines ranges from residential-type machines to larger commercial models. The chipping machines are not to be divided by the working process but by their construction. We always focus on machines’ power and size to provide you with the right solution while meeting all requirements.

Large and big wood chipper designs for every need

Large and big chippers are specifically manufactured with high-duty steel plates to be durable and efficient enough. The hydraulic system allows the roller assembly to move vertically according to the cutting material thickness. Depending on the chips’ size, you can adjust the knives as needed.

Drum chipper

Drum wood chipper has its name due to the huge motor-driven drum installed at the heart of the machine. The drum sucks all materials in and splints it on the way to the output channel. It operates extremely loud and demands higher safety standards. Ҵý produces a wide range of drum chippers: on tracks or tires, WCL or NCL type, diesel, or electric powered. Our industrial chippers work with long/short, thick/thin logs, residual waste wood, veneer waste, and other wood waste.

Wood chip grinder

Our wood chip grinders handle wood, bamboo, pine, palm fruit, poplar, fiber materials, etc. Keeping in mind that wood processing is a tough industry, we made every component of these machines – grinding device, fan, discharger – solid, durable, and safe enough.

Wood chipper and shredder differences

Wood chippers are typically applied for bigger branches or tree trunks to process them into chips. Ҵý drum wood chipper is the perfect balance of size, weight, and characteristics. The wide variety in chipper design ensures a completely customized solution for every application.

With our experience in shredder equipment, we give you an opportunity to efficiently shred metal, wood, plastics, paper and cardboard, biomass, waste. Our wood shredders are designated to work with smaller branches, sticks, and leaves. There is an important difference between chippers and shredders — small objects should never enter the chipper’s drum as they will most probably cause a clog and further repair works. Choose shredders to process the finest materials.

Debarking drum

We offer drum debarking systems specially designed to fit your location, material supply, and any requirements of a specific timber processing application. Drum debarkers can be used as a separate solution, as an upgrade, or installed into a brand new line.


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