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Ҵý Group produces granulators that are used for re-granulation. It works with various types of plastics, for example, new and old high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polypropylene polyethylene. Alternatively, you can color mixing granulation of engineering plastic.

Why do we need a plastic granulating machine?

The Granulator machine is designed to process raw materials that can be reused to create new products and save space in warehouses.

As a rule, we are talking about scrap and waste plastic products. The principle of action is as follows – the waste is placed in a granulator, which allows them to be reduced to granules. In the vast majority of cases, their size is about 6-10 mm.

With our equipment you can carry out many processes, for example, to purify compressed air for the bearing housing, as well as a water-cooled cutting chamber. We can offer small systems as well as large central granulators equipped with an air pumping function.

Granulation machine allows you to grind waste to small sizes, creating granules. This makes it possible to minimize the amount of waste and optimize production. After processing, manual or automatic distribution of granules for further storage is possible.

The plastic granulator machine is of high quality and complies with industry standards. This ensures safe and reliable operation.

Ҵý Group offers granulators that solve a wide variety of tasks. If you need help with a choice or your production involves a specific task, our specialists are always happy to listen to you and offer the best solution.

Contact the specialists of our company for detailed information. They are always in touch and ready to provide comprehensive information support.

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