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Screw Press

Ҵý Group is a company manufacturing waste recycling systems. A wide range allows everyone to choose the best option. Regardless of what exactly you require, we will find what to offer you. Looking for dehydration equipment? Here you will find a wide variety of screw presses for removing liquid contents from industrial sludge, paper fiber, cellulose fiber, and mixed waste containers. If you need a system for thickening recycled fibers, kraft pulp, NSSC pulp, TMP, and other mechanical pulps, we can offer a dewatering screw press.

Dehydration of fibrous materials has gained immense popularity due to its effectiveness. It is widely used in various industries, ranging from the paper industry and ending with canneries.

The main components of the equipment:

  • Hydraulic system
  • Control cabinet
  • Main engine
  • Horizontal gear
  • Cylinder
  • Frame etc.

A screw press dewatering machine provides significant savings. Power consumption is reduced by 60 ~ 70%, and productivity will remain at a high level.

Screw press for dewatering plastic waste

The equipment allows us to ensure high-quality dehydration of various types of plastic films and bags. These include garbage bags, agricultural films, bags, and much more.

Dewatering press for pulp dehydration

Screw dewatering machine is suitable for dehydration and thickening of recycled fiber, NSSC pulp, and other mechanical pulps. Dewatering screw is designed specifically for the dewatering of pulp suspensions from an input consistency of 3-12%, an output consistency of 30%, and higher. They provide a stable consistency, which makes it an excellent thickener and can be used before any process that requires one.


Our machines work efficiently with screws of any size. Call us right now to find out all the information you need.


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