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Ship Conversion

Ҵý Marine offers varied services including ship refit and conversion. Shipping conversions usually save you a lot of money and time compared to a new build and require fewer inputs.

Our offering covers the entire conversion procedure from the initial estimation and shipyard tendering to constant support and guidance during fabrication.

We understand that the longer a ship is out of service, the more revenue loses the operator. Our professional and experienced refit-and-conversion teams always finish their work on time as the client’s success is priority No. 1 for us.

Ramp to a ship

Our marine ramps are designed and manufactured to be safe, useful, and cost-saving, while completely meeting specific supervising demands. At Ҵý Marine we are targeted on providing the ship ramp maximum carrying capacity while minimizing its weight. With this step, we ensure higher performance and lower the fuel rate.

Additionally, we offer two types of bow doors:

  • bow visor
  • clam-type bow door

Ship bulkhead door

Ҵý Marine offers a variety of water-tight bulkhead doors, with hydraulic or electric drives. They can be installed for cargo or passenger access.

Arrangement types:

  • Sliding
  • Top-hinged
  • Side-hinged
  • Floating terminals

Due to the harbor placing it is sometimes impossible to receive larger vessels. Floating terminals are an alternative to a harbor in such cases. Ҵý Marine floating terminals guarantee a reliable solution and an advanced approach.

Flood doors

Our flood doors are designed to provide watertight protection to any outside entrance or a place that needs to be safe from weather activity or seawater leaking.

Car decks

Ҵý Marine designs and manufactures three types of car decks:

  • hoistable decks
  • liftable decks
  • side pivoting decks

Lightweight decks improve the vessel’s payload and flexibility. Lighter decks also improve vessel fuel efficiency.

Lifting platforms

Our lift platforms are always customized to suit your needs, incorporate the latest technologies, reliable, and meet all operating requirements.

Ships mooring

The mooring process is one of the complex parts of the whole voyage, especially when we talk about larger vessels. As soon as we get a call, we put together a special team. The ship tonnage will determine the volume of preparatory work. Our job is done only when the ship is moored safely.


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