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Lifting Equipment 

Ҵý designs, manufactures, and tests lifting equipment for industrial and commercial needs.

The lifting equipment is special equipment designed to lift and move loads in the number of industries. Our company presents various lifting equipment at favorable prices that meet all local standards and requirements. The product is made of high-quality raw materials, has excellent durability, resistance to loads and mechanical influences.

When purchasing lifting equipment, it is necessary to take into account the objectives. Depending on this, there will be a variety of lifting gear that you will need. Today, we offer a wide range of lifting and materials handling equipment for a number of industries.

Types of lifting equipment we produce:

  • Bridge crane. A device designed to lift heavy loads. Ҵý Group specializes in the manufacture of bridge cranes designed for the most diverse tasks. This type of product is popular in various fields of activity. It is used in warehouses, workstations, mills, factories, etc. The additional use of electric hooks, winches makes the bridge crane one of the most effective. Our assortment includes floor and cabin control products for small production and large companies. We will customize the overhead crane to suit your needs.
  • Gantry crane. This type of crane is slightly different from the previous one. Typically, the legs are complemented by rollers, which allows the device to move freely from place to place. Equipped with a bridge, resting on 2 legs made of steel, standing on the floor. The cost is lower than that of pavements.
  • Ship loaders. The device used for loading bulk cargo. Used to move containers and their complete safety in the process.
  • A cargo loader is a productive machine designed for long continuous loading of bulk solids. There are two main types of ship loaders on the market – mobile and stationary.  The crane runway is perfectly compatible with gantry cranes.
  • Lifting trolley. Lifting tools designed for efficient material processing processes in workshops and storage rooms. Therefore, it copes with loading, unloading, lifting products along a given path.
  • Grabs. They are used for grabbing, lifting, transporting and turning sensitive and atypically shaped loads
  • Hoists. It is used for reliable movement of goods up and down by means of a lifting wheel or drum that wraps a chain or cable. Several control options are possible – electric, manual or pneumatic. As a lifting medium can be used fiber, chain, cable.

Can’t decide on a product? Do not know what dimensions to choose and the type of control? Competent consultants are always happy to help. We are in touch during business hours and are ready to listen to you and carefully study the issue.

If you cannot decide on a product, competent consultants are always in touch during working hours. Contact us in any convenient way and will provide comprehensive answers to questions, help with the selection of the best product. Our team will listen to your needs, study the features of the business and offer the most economical and efficient type of lifting devices that will cope well with the tasks and meet the requirements and quality manual standards.


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