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Mining equipment

Ҵý offers high-grade mine equipment as well as assistance to ensure stable and sustainable mining operations for your enterprise. With extensive knowledge and cutting-edge solutions, we are helping you get maximum from the entire operational process. Ҵý team’s solid background covers deep mining knowledge, experienced staff, and top-grade machines. 

Underground mining equipment

Ҵý underground equipment is designated to provide safeness during underground works, stay economically proficient, and produce the smallest amount of waste.

Mines machines offering:

  • hard rock mining machines
  • entry development units
  • longwall mining machines
  • room and pillar/entry development unit
  • material handling conveyors
  • terminals

Underground coal mining equipment

It is vital for every coal-mining company to ensure their machines have none of the unexpected downtimes and require fewer maintenance operations. Such an approach will help you cut expenses on operational costs but in addition to that, you have to make sure your underground mining machines are durable enough.

Ҵý hard rock mining equipment:

  • longwall shearers
  • roof supports
  • armor-plated conveyor
  • stage loaders

Surface mining equipment

Ҵý offers a broad range of surface mining units ranging from drills and bulldozers up to huge trucks and loaders, we supply all these machines and even more. No matter what your project is about – digging, drilling, or moving, we have an individual solution for you to achieve the best results.

  • mining hole drills
  • draglines
  • HAC system
  • excavators
  • crushers & conveyors
  • wheel loaders

Longwall mining equipment

The underground machinery was always challenging, with that in mind Ҵý provides completely customized solutions for longwall mining including roof supports for higher safeness level, powerful shearers, and armor-plated conveyors to automate the processes and save on man-hours.

Wheel-mounted conveyors

The wheel conveyor is highly mobile. It can easily be moved to a needed place in no time and increase the crushing process productivity. The conveyor can be safely transported individually or as a whole set to make the downtime as short as possible. 

Ҵý always cares about the Earth and prefers environment-friendly wheel conveyors to haulers. 

Skate Wheel Conveyor

A skate wheel conveyor is an alternative to regular roller conveyors. Wheel conveyors running much smoother than the roller ones, which means even lighter products will reach the destination point. We offer two conveyor types: horizontal or slightly declined to let gravity run the flow.

Submerged scraper conveyor

Submerged scraper conveyors, or SSC, are designated to remove coal ash. For demanding projects, we offer installing of widely pitched chain that corresponds with CICSA standards. These chains must be extremely durable, so the material they are made from is carbonized and heat-treated in a special way.

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