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Screening Equipment

We offer the best screening options for our clients: safe, productive, and cost-effective. We guarantee you will get a cutting edge screening offer to suit your needs.

Industrial screen

Screening equipment is the machinery used during the mechanical screening processes, designed to separate one material from another. 

The range of screening equipment featured by Ҵý was designed to operate under the toughest conditions. We develop comprehensive solutions for you to deal with the hardest minerals and rocks.

We’ve got an extensive background and deep knowledge in the mining industry, therefore we are able to guarantee the operation potential increase.

Ҵý offers:

  • horizontal screens
  • inclined screens
  • banana screens
  • vibrating screens
  • rotary screens
  • wet gravity screens

Vibrating screen

Produced strictly according to your demands, Ҵý vibrating screens are designated to relate to your desires and fulfill all specified functions. Our screens are of various sizings 0.9m-4.8m wide and about 11.0m long. There are different options available: horizontal, inclined, and multi-slope.

Ҵý screens are extremely durable and easy to maintain

  • completely bolted;
  • all joints are welded and steel is stress-relieved;
  • quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process;
  • virtual design for all main elements so that all spare parts fit perfectly;
  • full range of all screen sizes to ensure the maximum productivity;
  • experienced staff to guide you during the project fulfillment.

Mining screens

Ҵý provides a fully customized mining screen solution applying our best technologies to meet your demands. With years and years of experience in mining screens manufacturing, we are ready to boost up your mining processes. 

Added bonus:

  • get your project done within the shortest possible time with the same high quality;
  • perfectly fit for both heavy-duty and fine material; 
  • the modular-type design ensures unit wear resistance and therefore longer operational cycle;
  • Single-deck or double-deck options to choose from.

No matter how complicated your particular project is, we’ll find the right solution for your case with the utmost care to safety, stability, and higher operational capacity.

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