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Recycling Baler

Waste baler equipment to make recycling as convenient as possible. They are used to compress and form materials into bales. This makes it easy to store and transport recyclables. So you can send bales of metal or recycled plastic in a convenient form to manufacturers who will make new products from them.

Without balers, it would be impossible to ensure the right process. The equipment is very popular, its fields of application are so large that it can be considered universal. Allows efficient processing of:

  • Foam
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Bottles, etc

A huge assortment of balers makes it possible to satisfy even the most specific needs, such as removing residual moisture. Thus, you get recyclable materials in bales that are fully suitable for further processing.

Load the required amount of material into the equipment. From here it will fall into the compression chamber. There it is crushed to the required size and formed into a bale. After that, the cube is fixed with wire. This allows you to reliably hold the contents during transportation. The weight of such bales is very large, so manual movement is not possible. A special forklift truck is responsible for this, or delivery is carried out immediately to transport vehicles.

Recycling baler machine

We offer facilities for the disposal of all kinds of garbage, including plastic containers, bio-waste, aluminum scrap, and more. A recycling baler will help to optimize the process.

The plant compresses waste and waste materials. Creates compact bales. The strict form of the latter makes it easier to store and transport waste. This saves space. Plastic baler is distributed among manufacturing enterprises, schools, retail outlets, and processing companies.

Baling equipment does not require special operating conditions. They can work as separate equipment optimizing garbage disposal, or be part of a large processing process. The type of paper baler machine is selected according to the tasks:

Horizontal steel balers

Installation, allowing to cope with a large number of materials at one time, even in continuous operation. Their sizes are larger than vertical ones. At the same time, such equipment will please with high performance. Manual options are possible or can be supplemented by automated systems, for example, conveyor feeders, which provide a continuous supply of raw materials to the compression chamber. The devices are suitable for working with a wide variety of recyclables. Therefore, it covers a vast number of needs. Whether you load paper or metals, you will get equally good results.

Vertical garbage baler

Equipment equipped with a vertically oriented piston used to seal recyclables. There are many ways to download, but the most common is done using a large compartment located on the front of the unit. In the process of functioning, this compartment is closed. Due to the design features require less space compared to horizontal counterparts.

Moreover, the cost of such equipment is in most cases lower. The vertical pick-up is great for working with a wide variety of types of recyclables. It is possible to customize settings for specific needs.

Two-drum trash baler

Typically, such systems have large silos and feed mechanisms to speed up the process of feeding recycled materials to the compression chamber. It provides fast work and perfectly compresses large materials. A distinctive feature is the use of two horizontally oriented pistons, for analogs of other types it is only one. There are a number of cases where this equipment eliminates the need for grinding, which reduces the amount of equipment required. Depending on the needs, the number of balers and their configurations can vary.

Do you need help choosing a cardboard baler machine? Contact us now, and managers will offer an individual solution for your business.


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