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Ҵý Group as one of the leaders in the field offers high-quality conveyors of our own production, manufactured in accordance with international standards. We can fabricate custom conveyors of different types and sizes that meet your needs.


In the broad sense of the word conveyor is a continuous-action device designed to move loads of various structures (loose, piece) to various levels and distances. It is for this reason that the mechanism has found application in many industrial spheres: in metallurgy, engineering, as well as in agriculture, various fields of construction, and even in the mining industry.

The main property of the mechanism is the continuity of operation. A similar product assembly turned the production process into a simple, coherent, high-performance circuit. The conveyor assembly line is supplemented by automatic machines or workers, taking into account the peculiarities of production technology, the sequence of processing of product parts, etc. This allows you to maximize work efficiency.

Depending on the application and the need, the conveyor can have different lengths, width, shape, and generally the device. Sometimes the length of the entire conveyor system can reach tens of kilometers. The length of the largest trunk conveyor in the world reaches 40 km.

In a simplified form, the conveyor device can be considered as a mechanism consisting of 2 main nodes:

  • The driving force of the machine, the role of which is played by a system of several elements – a conveyor drive (represented by an electric motor with a gearbox that feeds movement to the working surface), moving parts and the body of the product, providing continuous and, most importantly, the correct movement of the load;
  • The working surface is the part of the conveyor that moves the load in a given direction. As such, a special tape on a cable or fabric basis with additional protection against temperature, mechanical and chemical effects. It can have various shapes and sizes depending on the type of conveyor movement (horizontal, inclined, etc.). Sometimes, instead of a tape, a chain is used, on the elements of which a piece load or containers for transporting bulk materials are fixed.

The principle of operation of any conveyor is simple and absolutely identical: it consists in transmitting movement from an electric motor through an intermediate element to a work surface, which provides fast and reliable transportation of any druse (even dangerous). Sometimes our clients require more complex cars.

Main varieties of conveyors

One of the oldest and easiest types of conveyors. Here, the principle of the Archimedean screw is used, which is fixed in a special trough, along which the movement of products is carried out. Ideal for transporting bulk materials over long distances. There are several types, depending on the type of screw used. A screw conveyor is the most common option due to the simplicity of the device, compactness, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

The working surface of such a mechanism is presented in the form of a durable tape fixed on the support roller. Its movement is ensured by the operation of the electric motor, guaranteeing the movement of cargo over considerable distances. Suitable for bulk and piece cargo. It is considered a universal and easy-to-use option, capable of transporting both piece and bulk cargo. Ideal for creating complex routes. It is a conveyor belt type used in mines because they are optimal for moving to the surface not only valuable material but also workers.

One of the most common varieties of belt conveyors is a plate. It is indispensable in cases where it is necessary to transport cargo with a very large weight or products that greatly wear the working surface of the conveyor. But the plate mechanism is completely unsuitable for moving bulk materials.

Unlike tape mechanisms, the chain has a more complex device. The essence of the operation of such a machine is the use of an electric drive that provides movement of the working surface represented by a chain. That can be presented in the form of welded or prefabricated links. They fix the elements in which the cargo is transported. Such elements are plastic buckets, scrapers, etc.

Chain conveyors ensure the movement of products in the vertical, horizontal direction, as well as at an angle (its angle should not exceed 450). The chain conveyors are suitable for transporting dangerous products without the risk of damage. Excellent withstand significant physical exertion, as well as high temperatures. Also, we can produce stainless chain conveyors upon your request.

  • Elevator conveyor belt

The elevator conveyor is designated to continuous objects transportation, mostly vertically. Conveyor belt elevator is intended to be applicable for mining and agricultural sectors. Having a carcass design, elevator machines are extremely durable and well-known as fail-safe machines with longer lifetimes. Considering technical and cost-effectiveness sides, the elevator belt appears to be the most practical option. However, keeping in mind that its vertical conveyor system is a sophisticated construction, it will not be possible to avoid scheduled maintenance.

  • Conveyor flights

Flight conveyor, called “riser” as well. They run belt-width and evenly, perpendicular to transportation. Mostly flight conveyors are applicable on inclining machines to move raw stuff up and avoid rolling-back. The flightedDzԱǰ is capable of splitting up larger objects as well.

Advantages of our conveyors

In the production process, we use the latest technologies that allow us to improve not only the visual but also the design options of the created steel conveyors. The output is high-quality, wear-resistant equipment, with a minimum of intermediate overloads and a maximum operating period.

What is the difference between our conveyors? We implement mechanisms with a number of features:

  •       Varied and adjustable speed of movement of the working surface
  •       Reduced power consumption
  •       Strength and lightness of construction
  •       Reliability during the work in the conditions of big loadings
  •       Ability to create long, complex transportation routes
  •       High performance
  •       Easy maintenance

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