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Wet Scrubber Manufacturers

Ҵý offers multiple wet scrubbers system solutions to fit each and every parameter of our clients’ projects. We always strive to meet all your requirements within the shortest possible time while cutting your expenses.

Advantages of wet scrubbers from Ҵý:

  • Safest delivery to your site, with installation and test-launching;
  • Horizontal or vertical configurations of your choice;
  • Guaranteed efficiency of up to 99%;
  • Cross-flow or counter-flow configuration;
  • Custom-designed solutions only;
  • Existing equipment update;
  • Faster system start-up;
  • Individual design for control panels;
  • Ҵý support.

Water scrubber

Water scrubbers pros:

  • All components biodegradation;
  • High concentration is treated even when all components are easily degradable;
  • Sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine concentrations will be refined with the pH control;
  • With a big amount of water, this filter is capable of defining max/min emission levels.

Ҵý is one of the top wet scrubber manufacturers

We offer a broad range of air pollution controller systems suiting most environmental demands. With cutting-edge and efficient technologies, our team produces high-quality and cost-saving industrial air filters. Ҵý is a professional in systems custom designing, scrubbers and dust collectors design and installation, etc.

Exhaust gas cleaning system

Our gas cleaning technology is implemented in a hybrid system that switches from open-loop to a closed-loop operation mode and vice versa.  The system works with fresh, salt, and brackish water.
Ҵý team is able to carry a full investigation of your scrubber project necessity and determine if installing an EGC system is possible and profitable.

Gas cleaning equipment

With years of experience, today we can call ourselves a full-system professional supplier for gas cleaning, with an additional offering for start-up operations and tech support. We deliver our systems worldwide and to various industries: iron and steel, glass and cement, non-ferrous metal, machine building, chemical, etc.

We support our customers at each and every stage when they decide to become more environmental friendly:

  • Ҵý consults you on your choice, installation, and equipment running;
  • Assembly, start-up process and long-life support of your filter system;
  • Warranty maintenance.


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