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Trommel Screen

Garbage recycling is a promising area that brings its owners high profits. Today, consumers are becoming more conscious and are beginning to understand the need for recycling plastic and other substances. This has a positive effect on the environment and allows companies to save significantly. This is due to the fact that manufacturing goods from processed raw materials are cheaper.

Companies using recycled materials look more solid in the eyes of consumers. This speaks of their responsibility and forms a positive image. Therefore, brands are interested in processing and there is a demand for recycled materials.

Why do you need to use a trommel screen?

Portable trommel – is a trommel machine that is used to distribute waste. A huge number of configurations allow you to choose an option, focusing on the scale and needs of production.

A rotary screen is an essential component of processing enterprises. Ҵý is engaged in the manufacture of high-strength, reliable systems that will make sorting quality. Wear-resistant materials allow you to maintain high productivity for many years, even in tough conditions. A portable trommel screen is suitable for various materials and perfectly copes with the tasks.

Trommel Screen is the equipment needed for every modern waste management system. Ҵý offers its customers reliable drum screens that ensure trouble-free and efficient operation.

We manufacture products with robust construction, which allows us to guarantee high performance, even in harsh operating conditions. Trommel aims to accurately sort materials of various origins.

Our equipment is great for:

  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Single-Stream
  • Mixed Waste
  • Processing Construction
  • Commercial Waste
  • Commingled Plastics
  • Fiber Sorting
  • Scrap Metal Recycling

Operating principle

We produce high-strength Recycling Trommel Screen, which are located at the beginning of the production line. This reduces the number of required installations. Ҵý offers exclusively energy-efficient Trommel Screen, where centrifugal and gravity are used to separate materials of various sizes.

Trommel Screen will provide high-quality separation of small particles from large ones. You can also work with pre-classified recyclables. Under the force of rotation, small particles are separated from large particles, passing through the plates.

The principle of operation is that the raw material is placed in a drum. Under the force of rotation, it rises and aerates when falling down. Smaller particles pass through the opening of the screen, while larger particles enter the exit. This allows you to split the stream to the desired fraction size. The technical characteristics of the equipment vary significantly depending on the needs of the client. Do you want to know which installation is best suited to solve your problems? Then contact our specialists right now.

Trommel Screen provides reliable sorting thanks to openings of different sizes. Therefore, each hole helps to separate different raw materials. As a rule, the range is as follows: openings for the Internet in sizes are less than 80 mm, for recycled materials – 80-200 mm, 200-300 mm for paper and plastics.

Elements with sizes smaller than the diameter of the holes fall to the bottom of the equipment. Parts that exceed the diameter of the holes fall up the installation and finally sent to the discharge hopper.

Rotary Screen

Equipment loaded from the inside, designed to sort suspended solids, fibers from liquids, etc. Moreover, it can be equipped with various types of screens. It can be metal plates, wedge-wire screens, and fabric with holes. Thus, the equipment can solve even the most specific tasks.

Ҵý manufactures reliable equipment and offers a wide range of Trommel Screen. We offer customized solutions for enterprises. No matter how long the drum is required or the diameter of the holes, we can provide this. Production facilities offer a huge range of options, including drum configurations, a sieve, bag openers, and brushes.


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