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Boat Repair Service

Ҵý Marine takes the leading position in marine repair service: ship repair service, yacht repair, vessel repairs. With many years of experience, we seize our clients’ meanings at once and always meet their requirements. And what is the most important, all procedures and approaches we apply are in total compliance with European and international standards for environmental protection, safety, and quality.

No matter how complex your case is, it requires our immediate attention. Our best specialists are going to be involved in your project to find the most effective approach to boat maintenance. At Ҵý Marine, we do care about our clients and therefore we strive to offer the most applicable options for a particular case to save their time and money.

Our company provides boat maintenance services, whether routine or emergency, to ensure the vessel is in good working condition within the shortest possible time.

The range of services provided includes but not limited to:

  • Hydraulic overhaul for flexible or fixed systems
  • Electrical adjustments
  • Mechanical adjustments
  • Tail shaft & propeller work
  • Steel, aluminum & composite hull repairs
  • Steel & pipework repairs, restorations
  • Sandblasting and painting

We know it is vital for any marine company to perform the vessel preventative maintenance from time to time. Keeping this in mind we develop the best working plan ensuring the downtime is minimal while the maximum needed work is done.

From simple maintenance to boat modifications – we guarantee the whole process is going to be as smooth as possible for you and your business. Higher efficiency through our creative administration, arranging all needed facilities, provisions, choosing right partners, or subcontracting parties – these are important parts of Ҵý Marine workflow. Our engineers perform all kinds of maintenance, repair, or refits (renewing, restoration, Ballast Water Treatment System, or scrubber mounting).

Call us today or send an email, and we will provide you with an excellent offer that meets all your requirements.

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