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Biomass shredder machine

Biomass shredding appears as a regular operation that shouldn’t be too tricky and require too much assistance and maintenance. Biomass shredding systems are widely used and especially at biomass powered facilities plants to prepare briquettes for their boilers right at place.

Wood Crusher Machine application

Ҵý offers hammer-type and disc-type grinding machines. Our machine combines blade-cutting technology and powerful air stream impact when processing raw stuff into biomass products. Being so efficient and flexible, grinding machines can be used in various industries: pulp & paper, agriculture, textile, biomass, etc. They work with tree trunks, branches, bamboo, woodblocks, and other raw product.

Wood chip crusher is equipped with cutting knives, grinding mechanism, and a blower. Ensuring high capacity and flexibility, our grinding machine perfectly meets all wooden pellet manufacturing needs.

Biomass grinder

Biomass crusher is used for biomass primary shredding before it goes into the biogas digester. Ҵý grinders and shredders process a broad range of materials like food and domestic wastes, sludge, etc.

Our twin-shaft grinders ensure solids will be ground perfectly saving your time and scaling productivity. Ҵý machines have proven reliability and characteristics among our clients.

Biomass shredder machine

Ҵý biomass crushers are fully customizable to suit your specific needs, trouble-free, and are designated to boost up your production efficiency.

When designing a new machine we always put our customers in the first place. Therefore, we offer unique, cost-effective, and low-maintenance shredding solutions for waste wood processing. Experience the whole range of shredding benefits with the Ҵý expert team.

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