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Stainless Steel Water Tank

These containers are designed for storing liquid substances and gases. They are applicable in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

Ҵý manufactures stainless steel hot water storage tank to meet a wide range of needs. We produce products of different shapes and sizes:

  • horizontal and vertical cylindrical, which takes up much less space than the horizontal one
  • with open and closed top
  • with flat bottom
  • with a bottom in the form of a plate

How to choose a suitable steel grade?

To ensure proper storage and safety, it is necessary to choose products from high-quality materials. We work with:

Grade 304

It is the most popular brand of steel for gallon tanks used in the industry. The product is great for storing liquid-type fertilizers, glycerin. 304 often is used in the manufacture of maturation and pasteurization stainless steel water storage containers.

AISI 304 is used in the food industry. This is due to the presence of sanitary finishing, which prevents the propagation of bacteria. Dairy potable tanks should be particularly resistant to bacteria because milk is more susceptible to them. Resistant to nitric acid.

Grade 316

The second most popular brand, its composition contains chrome and 2-3% molybdenum. For this reason, products made of it, exhibit high resistance to corrosion, compared with the predecessor. Grade 316 is even resistant to organic fatty acids, as well as sulfuric acid, which is often sold in pharmacology. Tolerates nitric acid. Well protected from saltwater. Therefore, it is often used in marine applications.

Still have questions about the ordered tanks or would you like further advice on brands that are more suitable for you? Then contact us, Ҵý specialists will provide comprehensive information support.

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