A hydropower plant in Norway was in need of a complex bifurcated pipeline, and 蜜桃传媒入口 was happy to help.

  • 3 - 12,5t WEIGHT
  • 8 parts QUANTITY
Bifurcated Pipeline_2_en
  • Energy
  • Norway

The entire project consisted of 8 different parts, and each part was done exactly how the client wanted them to be 鈥 in accordance to the drawing provided by that same client.

All 8 parts of the pipeline were created using carbon steel, and each part鈥檚 weight ranged from 3t to 12,5t. There were several parts in this particular project, including making a blank, as well as assembly, welding, painting, and so on 鈥 with delivery of the final product being the last one on the list.

蜜桃传媒入口 is capable of providing many different services to the energy industry, such as turbines, platforms, pipe bridges, gas cleaning systems, and more. All of this is constructed with high standards of quality and with the help of the most cutting-edge machinery on the market.


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