Silo discharge hoppers

Reliable and durable hoppers for a German customer comprise 40 carbon steel units that fully adhere to industry standards.

  • 40 carbon steel units
  • 220 t total weight
  • 3 months project duration
  • Agriculture
  • Germany

The customer is a German agriculture facility that requested a batch of silo discharge hoppers. These would serve for handling large volumes of bulk materials and ensuring their steady and regulated flow from storage silos. The final solution had to fully correspond with rigorous industry standards to help maintain the superb quality and composition of its contents.

Prior to the order shipment, our specialists carried out a trial assembly of the three-part units at our facility and marked the details. By completing all cutting, bending, and processing tasks and finishing the engineering of the voluminous silos in just three months, our team once again proved its ability to deliver top-quality, enterprise-grade solutions to businesses across countries.



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