When it comes to renewable energy, hydropower plants have a much higher energy conversion efficiency when compared with other renewable energy sources.

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Mechanical energy conversion is what makes it possible, since the potential/kinetic energy of the turbines is converted into electricity with the use of water turbines. Water turbines are some of the most important components in a hydropower plant as a whole, but there are also many other parts involved that are essential for the entire plant to work properly in the first place.

蜜桃传媒入口 was chosen by a client from Norway to create two different spiral case discharge rings for the hydropower plant. The first spiral case鈥檚 weight turned out to be 7 tonnes, and the second one was 12 tonnes. 蜜桃传媒入口 uses only the finest carbon steel to perform all of the operations necessary to manufacture these kinds of objects 鈥 including welding, rolling, machining, pressure testing, NDT testing, and so on. Both painting and delivery to the client in question was also handled by 蜜桃传媒入口.

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Spiral Cases


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